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30.12.2021. AAPKK European Club Show, Budapest, Hungary

This year the AAPKK Club Show was held during the EuroDogShow 2021 Budapest. 

Nord was entered in working class, and was honoured with Exc1, CAC titles, with quite correct remarks of breed specific judge Claus-Peter Fricke (Rosegarden kennel, DEU) . Although he prefers larger males he emphasized Nord's dynamic movement.

Although there was a huge crowd at Hungexpo due to EDS, the organizers managed to create a very pleasant and family atmosphere for the club show.

04.12.2021.  Santa's Mantrailing workshop

Mantrailer K9s had to find Santa to save Xmas. They surely did their best! Here is Nord's contribution...

22-23.10.2021. Komárom IDS and HCSC Speciality Show, Komárom, Hungary

I've never ever been in Komárom IDS before, although the city is not far from Budapest. So I was very curious about the atmosphere of the show. I haven't been to such a large-scale outdoor show for a long time. The Monostori Fortress was the perfect home for the event, and with Nord and our friends we even visited the scary, dark corridors, and rooms of a yet monumental fortress. 

Nord was entered in working class, and was honoured with Exc1, CAC titles both days of IDS and even on HCSC Speciality Show, with nice and correct remarks. One of the judges mentioned his lovely dark pigmentation, which he received from his daddy's line (Harmony Hill's and Stormridge dogs), and congratulated on his work results.

Overall we spent a very pleasant two days there although the show was right after my third vaccination.

09.10.2021. British and Australian Sheepdog Club (AAPKK) - Speciality Show, Godollo, Hungary

It was a long awaited event, as I was curious so badly about the opinion of honorable judge Dr Tamas Jakkel - president of the FCI, about Nord. I only had one time the possibility to show him Vito, and that resCACIB title was on of I was the proudest of.

The dog show has dress code: very aussie-very british-very yankee....I dressed a teacher from around 1900.

Nord was entered in working class, and was honoured with Exc1, CAC titles, with lovely remarks, like nice front, backline, angulations and coat condition, excellent bone, and easy, effective and harmonious movement.

17.09.2021. KCHMPP Club Dog Show, Tlmace, Slovakia

I extremely enjoyed the atmosphere of the exhibition. An extraordinary number of aussies (47) was entered the show. Fair and clear judgements with a recognizable concept. Many thanks for honorable judge Dusan Kuris (SK)

Nord was entered in open class, and he took Exc3 from a strong lineup of 5 open males, with a really nice judgement, like perfect angulations, chest, movement, coat condition and presentation.

Nord’s mom Zorka received resCAC in a class of 8 open bitches. And his lil’ sis Masa took VP2 out of 4 babies at 4 months of age.

In BIS program Nord entered in Child-dog pair category with Nadka’s lil daughter, Adela. They worked together like a dream pair. I was so proud of them all.

21-22.08.2021. Gellén Tibor Memorial Dog Show, Vasszécseny

Nord entered in working class, and received EXC 1., CAC title on both days. I was so interested about the opinion of the judges Ms. Ruth Wagner (LUX), and Mr. Levente Miklósi (HU), that is why we broke our vacation and travelled through half of the country. Nord cut his leg two days before the show having fun in Deseda lake, so he limped a bit the first day...nevertheless, Ms. Wagner awarded him the CAC title. The next day the limp disappeared so Mr. Miklósi noted he has a nice, vigorous movement. I am so thankful for their nice judgement, and kindness, as Mr. Miklósi pet our dogs kindly during the waiting for our documents. 


14.08.2021.  MANTRAILING thematic day - "cold trail" 

A day only in the sign of cold trails. First a 13-hours and then a 1 hour long time loss between trail laying and tracking. Last time our team was not prepared for the task, but now we succesfully worked out both cold trails.

02.08.2021. K99 exam, ability section, level 5 - passed

Nord passed the 5th level of ability exam with a really lovely rating (90/100, very good) for this level. Nord did not lie about his kind, he was super excited that day, and he flashed his creativity and independent problem-solving ability right at the first task, with some not very pronounced external control - as the judge noted :)

It was nice to win from here, but despite the difficult start, he performed better and better in every following task, and we ended with a really exemplary odor identification task (thanks to our instructor and his mantrailing experience)

The level 5 ability exam consisted of six tasks:

1) apport task (exporting 2 balls to a basket separately at a distance of 5 meters)

2) sending over different obstacles (ring and A-plank)

3) making him lie down, stand up, sit, stand up, lie down and sit up for only hand signs from a distance of 15 meters

4) sending him out to a buoy (5 meters), sending to right or left to another (5 meters), and sending ahead again to a third one (5 meters).

5) making him sit during calling and coming (from 30 meters) when the judge indicates

6) chosing and indicating properly my shoe from 3 shoes (odor identification)

Really lovely results were obtained, congrats to all the examinee, and many thanks Nikolett Monoki for preparing is a real honour being judged by Rudolf Hornig who once brought clicker training into Hungary.

17.07.2021. Association of Hungarian Collie Sheltie Corgi Breeders - Club Show, Sárvár

Nord entered in working class, and he received EXC 1., CAC title, from honorable breed specialist judge Mr. Róbert Kotlár (HU), so he collected another "brick" for Hungarian Championate. I am so thankful for his really correct remarks, and kindness.



13.06.2021. English and Australian Sheepdog (AAPKK-Hungary) Club Show

Nord entered in working class, and he received EXC 1., CAC title, from honorable breed specialist judge Mrs. Ildiko Muzslai (HU)  on the English and Australian Sheepdog Club Show, so he started to earn titles for Hungarian Championate after a long COVID break. I am so thankful for her correct remarks, and kind words about my boy.


21.05.2021. Nord turned 2 <3

On the 21st of May, on the first day of Gemini zodiac my lil' Blue Baby Cloud turned two years old. He is a real joy to live with, his gentle, calm and always happy character shares one body with a really enthusiastic worker. By this age he fulfilled the advanced level of dogschool class, passed some ability exams, as well as the FCI Herding working test (which I am so really proud of). He is under mantrailing and bitework training, and recently we are preparing to a higher level of ability exam. He takes part in dog therapy sections, helping  fearful, anxious, frustrated dogs or ones with aggressive tendencies. He is mostly a happy, sometimes a bit annoying clown, but anyway I have to confess that I am so proud of him in every single minutes of our life together.

With every lil' or bigger step he makes he moves our team towards our dreams. 

Happy B-Day my LOVE!