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Our Fable

Our fable began on a cold winter day of 2006. In that day around 17h my Vito was born with his 10 siblings. I was waited for him so long ever since I can remember, and I waited a year for that litter by then. My wish was a little blue boy with a tail, of which only one was born. A different kind of life began with him, a journey full of adventures.


He was my love, my child, my constant companion and my long awaited dream in one. I got a new profession, a new hobby too, and I made new friends through him, I learned a lot from and because of him, he set me off on the path to becoming a good owner. I am who I am today, because of him. We shared a warm and so close relatonship that I never knew before a dog and his owner can have. A bond, which was somehow miraculous, I guess. That's why when in a warm summer morning after 10,5 beautiful years together he earned his wings, and went over the Rainbow bridge I thought my life was over too, and I would hate summer mornings since that day.

But the plan of the universe was different, she planned to make me fall in love with the summer again. So almost 2 years later on an early summer morning my Nord arrived to Earth with his 7 siblings (as the only one blue boy with tail), and have found his way to my heart.


I waited for my boy coming back to me and I genuinely believe that he is somehow back in a helathy and young body as Nord smoothly enterd and adapted to my life without a tiny problem, and rather, we seem to be continuing and not starting something wonderful. I feel him around me again, I only call him in a different name.

The journey began, so we are looking forward to taking part in all the adventures we missed from our previous one

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