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18.12.2022. FRPK friendly herding trial in traditional style, Fót, Hungary

Yesterday we attended the last herding competition of the year. It was not an FCI trial, rather a friendly, playful competition full of tasks like Xmas tree decoration, crossing the bridge while singing a Christmas carol certainly in drive, corral decoration, and feeding the sheep with fresh carrots.

I must emphasize, that Nord performed his best....he amazed me totally. The sheep was absolutely terrified of him, as they never met before, niether the field was familiar to us.

When the sheep first ran out of the world, Nord and I realized that the Aussie style wouldn't work here...and after a short nagging he switched to "border style" . Low helded head, seemingly smaller body, and keeping a very biiiig distance. And after "some" introductory interaction we completed the course.

Even if we hadn't achieved any ranking, I would have left the field flying with happiness, because our judge highlighted our wonderful teamwork, which I was also under the influence of....


but we did.....

SORADEL Brazen Shade of North "Nord" came 2nd in advanced level Xmas herding trial organized by the FRPK.


Lovely close of our season, my dear <3

IMG_9493 (1).JPG

26.11.2022. A2 exam of the Mantrailing Academy Foundation, Hungary

Today Nord passed the level A2 of the Mantrailing Academy Foundation exam (built-up area).

The trail did not lead through a typical downtown, but in a suburb are with all its potential pitfalls (cats - THX God it is not a problem for Nord, dogs behind the fence, open garden gates, dogs behind the open gate, packing person from a truck). Although, if he choose well in the crossroads, he can't make a mistake until the next crossroads, he showed a wonderfully accurate work and 𝗽𝗮𝘀𝘀𝗲𝗱 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗲𝘅𝗮𝗺 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵 𝗮𝗻 𝗲𝘅𝗰𝗲𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝗿𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴 (𝟵𝟱/𝟭𝟬𝟬). I am very grateful to Csaba Habony for his kind remarks on our work (and the trainings), and Aurel Hernyak for the nice track. Many thanks go to Janovszky Gergely for establishing Nord's work, and to the girls, our coaches, Veronika Vizy and Tünde Simoncsics for the trainings with great efficiency and atmosphere. Furthermore, to the trainers and their dogs at the Ormezoi Kutyasuli for Nord's excellent socialization, and last but not least, to Titti who made Nord fall in love with cats.

So really proud of my boy <3


30.10.2022. British and Australian sheeepdog Club (AAPKK) Speciality Show, Budakeszi, Hungary

In the style of the "Roaring Twenties" or the  

Great Gatsby show

TEA des Ptits Bergers en Terre Bio "Phoebee"

minor puppy class - very promising 1 under Milan Krinke (CZ)

Irnerius WEST SILMARIL "Fred"

puppy class - very promising 1 under Anna Kochan (PL)

SORADEL Brazen Shade of North "Nord"

working class - excellent 1, CAC under Anna Kochan (PL)

The french chick always has to add something extra to her pose (crossed front paws), just excuse her enthusiasm

We are so proud of our pack

16.10.2022. FRPK CACTR national herding trial in traditional style, Vasad, Hungary

Something happened today that I only dared to dream about.

Nord won the  IHT1 class of the CACTR national herding trial in traditional style organized by the French shepherd dog club in Vasad, with excellent (91%) rating. 

The course was difficult, but a really nice one, full of tasks that we already knew one at a time, but did not practice in combination...I thought it was well beyond our current capabilities.

Thank you honorable judge Evelin Balassy (Blessed Borders kennel) for the lovely remarks on our work.

Needless to say, that I am on cloud nine. <3

24.09.2022. IDS Kecskemét, Hungary

Today Phoebee made her debute at the IDS Kecskemet.

She was entered only for one day, Saturday, mainly for ring craft training and getting used to the atmosphere of a dog show. She did great during our trainings, but she surprised me with her lovely focus in the ring of 4 pups. She was the youngest, and if I am not mistaken the first bicolor aussie in a Hungarian FCI dog show. So we were doubly excited.

The judge absolutely loved her sweet

TEA des Ptits Bergers en Terre Bio "Phoebee"

2nd very promising from 4 baby bitches

We are over the MOON!


27.08.2022. HCSC Club Speciality Show

Fred was entered first time in puppy class, and got really lovely remarks from honorable judge Mrs. Brigita Kremsel (SLO).

Irnerius WEST SILMARIL "Fred"

Very promising 1 

I am proud of this lil' redhead beyond words!


07.08.2022. our long awaited biblue dream have arrived from France

Tea de Ptits Bergers en Terre Bio "Phoebee"

03.08.2022. Nord got mail today... from now he is officially....

Hungarian Champion & Hungarian Show Champion


16.07.2022. Sárvár IDS and HCSC Club Show

Today was a real emotional roller coaster for us. I have to take up with the idea that Nord is a so called "divisive personality". There are those who miss the showiness of an aussie from him, and there are those who appreciate the qualities of a pure (USA) show line dog, with a body suitable for serious work. 

SORADEL Brazen Shade of North "Nord"

Sarvar IDS, working class - excellent 1 without title

HCSC Speciality show, working class - excellent 1, CAC

With this title he meets  the requirements of Hungarian Championate and Hungarian Show Championate.

So, for a while he will be "retired" from the show rings and we will concentrate on work.

My real pride, however, was the debute of lil' Fred, who acted like a pro in the show ring with me, and who jumped to the very promising 1 place with his eyecatching movement in concurrency.

Fred's litter was suggested by me to his owner (but my friend made the choice from 13 ), and his uncle is my I am doubly proud, and really pleased with his first results.

Irnerius WEST SILMARIL "Fred"

Very promising 1st

I needless to say that I am in ninth cloud!


26.06.2022. IHT-TS1 International herding trial

Today we took part in a CACITR International Herding Competition organized by the French Pastoral Dog Club. This was Nord's second competotion, where we arrived to in rush and after the performance we rushed towards to the Irish dance camp. Nord was overexcited around the sheep (probably because of the tension I felt due to the competition) I don't even remember the last time when he herded barking. He was enthusiastic, but his enthusiasm shattered the work a bit as he avoided the sheep in such a big arc in the stopping task that he "jumped out in front of the car" ....meanwhile my thoughts were also around packing my dance shoes. We got a very good qualifier with 89 points, which "flew" us to the 4th place (with the same score as the third had). But what really made the day really special was that our trainer said he was very proud of us and the judge (Ferenc Pischoff) remarked that it could be seen during the work that we had a very good relationship with Nord. We ran away before the announcement of the results, I was only informed about our placement later, but we left the place extremely happily with our performance.

Many thanks József Árkosi for the pics, and Barbara Kiss for preparing us <3

Lil' ones left the nest...towards new adventures :)

From left and from above....Marvel, Tao, Niffler, Star, Troika, Hamer

Wishing you a happy-happy life, my loves <3

21.05.2022. Nord is 3 years old

Pics by, as always, the most talented Szilvia Cseh