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09.12.2023. A3 exam of the Mantrailing Academy Foundation, Hungary

Today Nord passed the level A3 of the Mantrailing Academy Foundation exam (from urban to rural area).

We succesfully passed the 𝗔𝟯 𝗲𝘅𝗮𝗺 (the highest level for sport dogs) of Mantrailing Akadémia Alapítvány with ⋆。°✩ Nord ✩°。⋆

He went big (1,3 km from urban to rural area, on 1 hour cooled trail), I was again the weaker one even mentally as well as physically (1,5 weeks after covid), and in one point I nearly gave up....but thanks for the supporting team followed us, we found our last remains of our energies...and we made it!

There are no words how proud of him I am. Now Nord enjoys his cuddles on the sofa, and only happy trails ahead us for a while. 


A big thank goes to the men who gave us the stabile bases and alwas supporting background Csaba Habony, Gránicz Csaba, Janovszky Gergely and the ladies, who we worked with during our way Beáta Kollár, and who recently trained us for success, Tünde Simoncsics and Veronika Vizy.

Thanks Csaba Granicz for the detailed remarks on our work, and László Zsigmond Nagy for the fantastic trail and support.


Nord is a certified mantrailer

26.06.2023. K99 ability exam, 1st level

We succesfully tried ourselves with Runa in our first K99 exam.


Highrails Ocean Breeze "Runa" (7,5 mos) passed with a lovely 95% and very good label.



Jump and tunnel obstacles

Handsign ("down") from distance

"Down" next to the buoy (from a distance)

"STOP" during recall

18.06.2023. FCI CACITR Internatiolnal Herding Trial in traditional style

On Sunday, the Shadegardens - Soradel team attended to an FCI CACITR Internatiolnal Herding Trial in traditional style (IHT-TS) organized by the French Pastoral Dog Club of Hungary.


We are soo pleased with our youngsters...

TEA des Ptits Berges en Terre Bio "Phoebee" - FCI NHAT - passed


IRNERIUS west Silmaril "Fred" - FCI NHAT - passed


Highrails Ocean Breeze "Runa" - MEOESZ TKV - passed with excellent remarks

(She is only 7 months old, so she could not applied for the FCI NHAT)

In the same time Nord started his carreer in IHT2 class. In his first attempt he was placed 2nd out of 4 dogs, even though some of the tasks was completely new for us. I was so really proud of him, as the judge noted our "excellent team work" on our paper.

SORADEL Brazen Shade of North "Nord" - IHT2, 87% very good, 2nd place

We were over the MOON.

You can find videos of our dogs' works here!


03.06.2023. Budapest Winner President Cup NDS

SORADEL Brazen Shade of North “Nord” - excellent 1, CAC (working class)

TEA des Ptits Berges en Terre Bio "Phoebee" - excellent 2/4 (junior class)

Thanks so much, honorable judge, Judit Korozs-Papp!

Runa only gave company to the team, and was a lovely picture theme

10.03.2023. Photoshooting

Runa and Nord had their first photoshooting together. Nord is almost 4 yos, Runa is 5 mos old on the pics.

 Our special gal arrived from Canada, welcome

Highrails Ocean Breeze "Runa"

We have been working hard on our long-awaited dream, which was the union of a beautiful bi-color puppy and a puppy from the continent (USA/Canada) where our beloved breed comes from. On 11/11/2022, the unbelievable happened and a really beautiful litter was born in Canada at the highly regarded breeder's Brenda Aelick /Highrails kennel/ home. Brenda has been dealing with Aussies since 1986. She was so nice and open about us and has helped us from the beginning. It wasn't an easy road, but we managed it in the end.

Runa's pedigree is full of great names (rarely used in Europe). Beauty combined with working qualities.

We look forward to what the future brings us in the show ring as well as in sports.

Runa starts her "carrier" here in Hungary, and later she will join to the Soradel kennel gang, to Nadesda Krass's home. Based on our plans, we will welcome back her to Hungary for works, exams and shows.

11.02.2023. FEHOVA Winterdogshow, Budapest

TEA des Ptits Berges en Terre Bio "Phoebee" - very promising 2 in puppy class.

We are so proud of her, as she is not in an easy situation as a bicolor. She acted like a pro in the ring, her focus was pehomenal, and her elegance always amazes me.... I still have to learn stack her better, tho.

Congrats to her owner, Agnes Kresak, and her breeder Mylene Lhermitte.

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